Mobilne i funkcjonalne kontenery biurowe

For all economy sectors

Mobile and functional office containers

Take advantage of the wide range of office containers. As a manufacturer of containers, we ensure their full functionality and adaptation to the needs and expectations of customers.

Mobilne i funkcjonalne kontenery biurowe

Full sanitary security

Sanitary containers tailored to customers' needs

"Our sanitary containers respond to a wide spectrum of customer needs, also in the field of comprehensive sanitary security.
They are characterized by a stable construction, competitive price and high quality."

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G-CON Manufacturer of Containers - OUR AMAZING OFFER

Modular buildings made of containers are more and more popular in Poland. Polish producer of containers – G-CON Company – offers a wide range of containers designed for office, sanitary and social purposes. The containers have standard dimensions – 2435×6055 mm, but if requested by the client, we can also produce objects based on the framework of any size. These objects can be used independently or they can be combined into bigger modular constructions which serve all users’ needs.

Our containers are tailored to the client’s expectations both in terms of external appearance as well as their equipment. Our offer includes a wide range of various elements of equipment, which will allow you to create functional objects customized to your needs.

We offer standard, office and studio containers perfect for offices, shops or showrooms

Women-and-men sanitary containers, shower containers, sanitary containers with a kitchen, as well as combi and small combi containers

The gatehouse is a small container designed for the needs of security companies or companies providing surveillance services

Created by combining a larger number of containers, offering a large area for the needs of various economy sectors

G-CON - Polish Producer of Containers - OUR STRENGTHS

We are experienced and fully committed to each project. The G-CON team of engineers and employees has been designing, building, adjusting and installing containers for various purposes for years. We are ready to create both small, individual objects, as well as large modular buildings. We have already worked for the construction industry, retail and exhibition sector, as well as for the entertainment industry on mass events, military and private clients. Our portfolio includes the production of modular buildings such as stores, sanitary facilities, office spaces, cold storages, ticket offices, conference rooms and many more. Moreover, as a manufacturer, we are not limited by a small range of projects. Container production is no secret to us, so at any time we are ready to design social, sanitary, commercial and exhibition containers that will meet individual expectations of clients. We provide functional office containers, exhibition containers, security booths and many other objects.

We realize that some objects, especially construction containers, will be used in extremely difficult conditions. With this in mind, we do our best to make sure that the modular containers designed by G-Con withstand the test of time without any problems. So that one object can be used for many years, and when the company’s needs change, the container can be easily sold on the secondary market. There is no doubt that trading containers is much easier than selling building objects. We are convinced that each office container, sanitary container and shower container will easily find a buyer, as their durable construction allows modular objects to withstand the hardships of even the most distant shipments (including sea ones) without any problems.

Modular Construction

- freedom in choosing solutions

Easy Assembly

- standardized solutions

Implementation Speed

- from design, to transport and assembly

Freedom of Arrangement

- possibilities as in standard construction


- implementations throughout the country

Various Equipment

- standard and specialized

G-CON Manufacturer of Containers - CONTAINERS PRODUCTION

Production of functional containers used as elements of modular constructions is much cheaper than building traditional objects which fulfill the same purposes and have similar parameters. The fast production and installation of the container in the area indicated by the client is also an advantage. What is more, the container can be used right after it’s installed. It is also important that with modular metal containers, administrative formalities are reduced to an absolute minimum. Due to the lack of foundations, such structures are classified as temporary construction objects.

Our clients also appreciate the variety of equipment offered by G-Con and the chance to arrange the interior any way they like, so the containers can be tailored to their individual needs. Such great range of facilities gives the possibility of unlimited number of practical applications.

We produce containers that can be connected to each other both vertically and horizontally. By doing so, we create scalable objects with the possibility of further expansion with no need for demolition.

We are a Polish company, so all objects are assembled in Poland. Therefore, we can guarantee competitive prices for the projects as well as their transportation and installation. The proximity of all elements of the final assembly to the client shortens the production time to a minimum.

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G-CON is a Polish producer of containers: office, sanitary and custom modular solutions. We produce our containers in Tarnobrzeg in cooperation with local companies. We support the national economy and our business is promoting Polish projects.

Our company focuses on a comprehensive service related to the creation of modular buildings. We design, build and install a wide range of containers at the locations indicated by the clients. You can always count on our professional consulting services, thanks to which the created objects will fully reflect your needs. Production of containers is a complex process, but it is not a secret to us. We work only with qualified specialists who know all the ins and outs of this trade and understand client needs perfectly.

As a manufacturer of containers, we also provide a range of additional services. We can offer you: regular maintenance of the facilities (especially useful for residential, office and warehouse containers, etc.) as well as rental of additional elements, including water and sewage tanks (making sanitary containers fully functional objects, even in places with no access to running water and sewage system), and stairs to make the use of containers easier.