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Containers and container sets are objects that are perfect for creating large-size modular spaces. They can be easily connected to each other vertically or horizontally to create buildings fully customized to your needs. The variety of finishings both on the outside and inside makes them useful in a wide range of industries. Therefore, we can easily create a set of building containers, as well as a very functional office from containers with the desired space size.

The basic element of each building of large space based on modular construction is a container. Thanks to standardized sizes of individual containers available in G-Con’s offer, our company can create a fully functional object meeting various expectations.

Container Sets - Modular Building

The basic construction element of large-size modular buildings is a container of 2435×6055 mm dimensions. Individual units can be connected with each other creating unlimited surface area. Thanks to the solid construction based on a steel frame, the containers are very durable. Regardless of whether you decide on a social container or a set of office containers, they will fulfil their functions in perfect condition for a long time.

Large spaces can be created from both office and sanitary containers. Our basic offer includes:

  • standard container
  • container with sanitary facilities and a kitchen
  • glass container of studio type
  • men’s and women’s sanitary container
  • shower and washbasin container
  • combi sanitary container
  • small combi sanitary container
  • security guard container

The client can independently piece together a set of containers which will fully satisfy his need.

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Set of Containers - USAGE

  • educational and training facilities
  • worker’s hotels
  • sets of commercial containers
  • exhibition systems
  • office complexes
  • modular houses

Large-size objects created on the base of container system are used in many sectors of social and economic life. The container systems created by G-Con may serve as educational and training, commercial or exhibition objects. The container system can be used to build the entire office complexes. Generally, objects with large spaces built of containers may be arranged in any way you like.

All containers are well equipped in terms of their interior and also have various external elements. We provide appropriately insulated objects, equipped with electrical, lighting and heating installations. Additionally, clients can decide to install air conditioning and ventilation and ICT systems, and in case of sanitary containers – water and sewage connection. If the facilities are located in a place where there is no connection to the water and sewage system, we provide rental service of tanks for water and fecal matter. As a result, large facilities can provide all the functionalities necessary to operate properly.

We also take care of the right protection of containers – that is why we recommend you install anti-burglary blinds (especially for office containers), which can be particularly useful in larger windows and exhibition systems.

Our offer also includes a wide range of interior furnishings. Purchased objects can be fitted with both office furniture and other equipment. We also offer a wide range of bathroom and kitchen appliances and accessories which will be useful equipment of containers with sanitary and social facilities.

As part of additional services we also rent stairs and provide regular cleaning services.

Residential Container Sets - Modern Modular Houses

Container sets which serve as residential buildings are becoming more and more popular. Not so long ago, a house made of containers seemed to be something completely impractical to us. However, now there is a growing number of people who appreciate this type of modular construction and its advantages.

Lower costs of production in comparison to traditional house, shorter time of execution of the investment, mobility and possibility to add new modules to the house. Therefore, it can consist of 2, 3 or 4 containers, depending on our needs. Modular buildings are innovative solutions tailored to your expectations. No wonder that residential containers are increasingly popular among young people who would like to quickly move into their own home.

Clients Ask Questions About the Containers on the Plot of Land

How Many Containers Can Be Installed on a Plot of Land?

Article 29 section 1 pt. 2 of the Construction Law (Journal of Laws of 2016, item 290, as amended) stipulates that when building a detached one-story outbuilding (also from containers) that does not require a building permit, the footprint of which is up to 35 m2, the number of such objects may not exceed two per 500 m2 of plot area.