Office Furniture - Additional Equipment for Office Containers

We want to meet the expectations of all our clients, so G-Con is also offering a rental service of the necessary fittings and equipment for office containers. Thanks to a customized configuration of each order, clients can rent a container which will allow them to start their work immediately after it is installed. We have selected certain office furniture to make use of the available space to the maximum. The accessories offered by G-Con are of the highest quality, and thus they can be used without any problems throughout the whole period of their exploitation.

Office Furniture

No office can function without a right set of furniture. Arranging an office space is quite a long process, and it’s no secret that for every entrepreneur, time is truly precious. With this in mind, we have prepared a set of office furniture which allows you to run your business right after the container is installed. The set includes elegant, solid and highly functional office furniture.

Office Cabinets

Cabinets are an essential element of office fittings. Our offer includes functional and durable metal cabinets, which provide space for shoes, outer clothing and various small objects. Double doors ensure easy access, a lock keeps your belongings safe and a solid shelf can easily hold even some heavy items. Thanks to the ventilation, the air can easily get inside the cabinet.

Desks and Tables

Desks and tables are basic elements of equipment in every office. We provide our clients with some solid desks with folding legs. This highly functional solution allows you to maximize the available space whenever it is necessary. The large durable top can easily fit all the essential devices you may need, including a computer, a printer or a desk lamp.

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Under-desk Pedestal

A pedestal is an extremely useful extension of a desk’s functionality. When it is placed under the desk it does not take up any additional space. Three capacious drawers will easily store documents and other things needed at work. Thanks to its metal construction you can store even heavier items in it, without worrying about its durability. A built-in lock, which locks all drawers, protects their contents against unauthorized access. The pedestal is set on four double castors. This solution allows the furniture to be moved without the slightest effort, whenever it is necessary.

Swivel Chairs as Office Furniture

A comfortable chair is an element of equipment which should be present in every office. Bearing in mind the comfort of our clients, we have included functional swivel chairs in our offer. Equipped with lumbar support and two armrests, the chairs provide the highest level of comfort. As a result, the user does not feel pain or fatigue even after a long day spent at the desk. Thanks to the height regulation, the chair can be easily adjusted to your height and the position of your desktop.

Waste Baskets

The waste basket seems to be the most mundane piece of office equipment, but in practice it is not only useful, but also essential. Our offer includes durable metal baskets, designed for solid waste, mainly paper. Thanks to its tasteful design, it certainly won’t disturb the decor of the office.

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Office Furniture - Additional Equipment for Containers

We didn’t forget about additional elements of equipment which improve functionality of the office and comfort of work. Thanks to some more furniture, we can easily create a social or even sleeping area in a container.

Coat Racks with Benches

If the container is supposed to be a social space, it should be equipped with hangers for clothes. The most practical solution is a coat rack with a bench. As the name suggests, this piece of equipment combines the functionality of two accessories – a hanger and a bench. The increased usability enables users to comfortably change their shoes and hang up their outerwear.

Benches for Seating

Benches are the essential pieces of furniture for social areas and parts of waiting rooms for clients. Our offer includes furniture built on a solid metal frame with a comfortable wooden seat. With the appropriate width, the bench provides adequate support for the thighs, so the user can sit on it comfortably.

Beds or Bed Frames as Office Furniture

If a mobile office container is going to be used by people on business trips, it is necessary to provide them with a place to sleep. Our offer includes comfortable bunk beds which ensure optimum use of available space. They are equipped with comfortable mattresses which are a guarantee of a peaceful night’s sleep.

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We are aware of the fact that some people have specific requirements regarding the shape of the mattress. With this in mind, we are ready to rent you only the bed frames, so that you can easily adjust the bedding to your needs.