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Refrigerated container is a specific type of modular container, designed to keep proper temperature of stored products. Our offer includes isotherms, i.e. insulated containers of various types, which can also be adapted to individual needs of the client.

G-CON specializes in the design and manufacture of scalable container systems. Thanks to years of experience, today we can offer you the highest quality containers. Each object in our portfolio can be customized and equipped with additional elements – as a container manufacturer, we will handle any project. We provide a comprehensive service for your order. It means that we are responsible for literally every phase of completing the service – from advising you on the choice of the most suitable container and creating its design, through production and transport, and finally to the installation of the structure and its further maintenance, not to mention a range of additional services.

What are refrigerated containers?

Refrigerated containers are a perfect solution that supports companies carrying out seasonal services, event companies, camping sites or holiday resorts. Such containers are used for cooling and maintaining low temperature of products which require storing and transporting in specific conditions. Basic isotherms provide this effect thanks to the layered structure of walls. On the other hand, a container of that type with a refrigerating unit makes it possible to store even those products which have not been previously refrigerated. In this case, it is also possible to precisely regulate the temperature inside the container.

WIDE CHOICE of refrigerated containers

  • standard refrigerated container 2435×6055 mm
  • refrigerated container with or without refrigerating unit
  • non-standard container with customized size
  • refrigerated container with elevator
  • mobile or stationary refrigerated container

We can provide a wide range of refrigerated containers, according to the client’s needs. Should you have any questions, our sales department is here to help you.

How big is a refrigerated container? The standard size is 2435×6055 mm. A small refrigerated container is perfect for a limited space or as a part of a larger scalable object. If the buyer’s needs go beyond the standard storage capacity, we can design, manufacture and install a larger refrigerated container. In terms of its insulation properties, the container will not differ from the standard model.

If requested by the client, the container can be equipped with elements facilitating loading of products. Refrigerated container with an elevator will prove useful in situation when the object is placed on an elevation or serves as a transportation vehicle. Check other storage containers as well.

CONSTRUCTION of a refrigerated container

  • frame made of high quality steel
  • layered thermal insulation
  • it is possible to use an refrigerating unit
  • very solid construction

G-CON refrigerated containers are made of the highest quality materials, and the layered structure of the walls, floor and ceiling provides thermal insulation which keeps the right temperature suitable for the stored products, even without a refrigerating unit. A refrigerated container with a unit can be used even as a freezer container.

We understand that our clients have different needs. Therefore, our offer includes both stationary containers and those designed for transport of products requiring low temperatures. A stationary refrigerated container is the best choice for companies operating within a limited area. A mobile container, on the other hand, can be easily moved from one place to another. The solid structure of the container makes it extremely durable, which is why it can be safely transported as many times as needed and it won’t lose any of its qualities.

G-CON Refrigerated Containers - ADVANTAGES

  • original frame made of premium steel
  • modular construction
  • optional anti-burglary protection

Each object produced by G-CON is made with the use of the best materials and perfect workmanship. We realize that refrigerated containers often have to operate in extremely difficult conditions. Therefore, they are built on the basis of a solid frame. We have designed this element ourselves and it is made of high quality steel. We do not rely on ready-made solutions, which would require us to make many compromises in order to build the final product. The frame has been developed so as to guarantee the best possible use of the internal space. At the same time, this element is highly resistant, so the refrigerated containers can be easily transported and installed even on uneven surfaces.

Our refrigerated containers are ready to be used right after they are installed at the designated site. What’s more, due to their modular design, they can be expanded with additional elements in no time. This solution has great potential. Just imagine a situation when the growth of your company calls for increasing the warehouse space for products which need to be kept at a low temperature. Then, you can simply attach more modules to the container, creating a functional and aesthetic scalable object. The modules can be connected both vertically and in rows.

It is possible to equip the container with anti-burglary protection. It is a perfect solution especially when the container is to be situated on an unattended area.

Refrigerated Container - USAGE

Refrigerated containers provide a professional solution for storing and transporting food and all goods prone to temperature changes. Thanks to their mobility, they can be transported quickly and easily, so they can also be used in military.

Isothermal containers work perfectly well wherever maintaining the right temperature of stored products is an absolute necessity. They are an essential support for the catering, event, production, commercial, camping and leisure industry. Such objects can also be used for example by hunters to store the meat.