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Modular construction is a great opportunity, not only for private investors, but also for entrepreneurs. If you want your company to operate smoothly, you have to rely on fast, cheap, durable and flexible solutions. Container buildings, such as worker’s hotels, meet each of these conditions. With a very competitive price compared to permanent buildings, containers have similar durability, and they are unique in terms of construction time and expansion possibilities. This set of features makes the container hotel an extremely interesting option for entrepreneurs who need to provide comfortable accommodation for a team of employees in a short period of time.

MODULAR HOTEL - Advantages

  • hotel for 120 people can be built in just 2 months
  • it can be expanded
  • low price
  • durability
  • it is possible to change the location of the building
  • it can be arranged any way you want

The main difference between modular and traditional construction is the prefabrication model. All modules-containers are created in controlled conditions in the factory and when ready (often with equipment) they are transported to the construction site. By using prefabricated modules, it is possible to achieve the highest quality of workmanship in a very short period of time.

There is a long list of advantages of this type of solution. A modular building can be easily expanded. As soon as the needs of the company change, you may add more modules to the building, thus creating more living space for your employees. With traditional buildings, which are permanently attached to the ground, you would have to undertake expensive, time consuming work. In this case, such a problem does not exist.

Moreover, the residential modules are not attached to the ground, so they can be easily moved from one place to another. Therefore, a worker’s hotel can be set up wherever the company is currently providing its services within a short period of time.

Modular buildings can be arranged according to your needs. It means that one complex may consist of both living space and social facilities. It is a very comfortable arrangement, because it creates a compact whole which is set in a relatively small space (individual modules can be connected both horizontally and vertically). A modular hotel may satisfy all needs of a group of employees, as it provides not only comfortable accommodation, but also an extensive social and sanitary area.

Worker's Hotel - FAST PRODUCTION

Worker’s hotel for 120 people in 2 months? It is possible! Thanks to our experience we can complete even the most challenging projects in a short period of time. The faster we complete your project, the sooner you can open your dream hotel.

A modular hotel can be built in a very short period of time, but the pace of implementation of the project does not have a negative impact on the durability of the building. Employee containers are manufactured using state-of-the-art technology and the highest quality materials. As a result, the modular hotels can easily withstand even the most difficult conditions, as those observed on construction sites.


We want to support your project from the very first idea to its final implementation. Our experienced team will be happy to answer your questions and discuss our services. We provide professional support at every stage of the implementation of the investment. We will help you choose the most suitable solutions that are fully adjusted to your expectations. If necessary, we will suggest personalized options, all in order to respond to the client’s needs in the best possible way.

Our work is not limited only to the design, manufacture and installation of modular buildings. We also provide a number of additional services:

  • regular cleaning of the facilities
  • rental of additional accessories: stairs and septic tanks

That way we can meet all the needs of the clients who use the solutions we provide. Therefore, the client can focus on the purpose of his business and we will take care of the rest.

Worker's Hotel Made of Containers

Our containers create virtually unlimited possibilities of combining them and creating new arrangements. One of the most interesting concepts are modular hotels. Modular building is a fast, ecological and visually interesting alternative to traditional one.

Worker’s hotels built using modular technology are slowly becoming the market leader among accommodation facilities. This is completely understandable. Users appreciate the incredible flexibility provided by worker containers and the economic viability of such an investment. Without a doubt, the container hotel is a solution created in accordance to the requirements of a modern investor, and it comprehensively fulfills all its functions.