VIP Men's and Women's Sanitary Container

VIP men’s and women’s sanitary container is a great solution for places where you cannot create permanent sanitary facilities. Its design ensures maximum comfort and hygiene.

In some places it is not possible to create a regular toilet due to technical or economic reasons. Such locations need to provide access to portable sanitation facilities in order to comply with all sanitary requirements. Mobile restrooms seem to be one of the most obvious solutions, but if comfort is your top priority, sanitary containers are a better choice.

Premium Sanitary Containers Provide the Most Comfortable Conditions

The VIP version of the men’s and women’s sanitary container is equipped with two independent entrances, one of which leads to the female part and the other to the male part. Thanks to that both women and men can use the facility at the same time – discreetly and without the feeling of embarrassment. The spacious interior allows you to move around comfortably. The container is equipped with all necessary devices and installations, and even more.

In fact the premium sanitary containers are a part of modular construction. This means that they can be used separately, as completely independent buildings, or in conjunction with other containers (for example, office, commercial or accommodation containers) creating a compact, stylish whole.

VIP Men's and Women's Sanitary Container - Rental

Who should use the VIP men’s and women’s sanitary container? This type of container is designed for people who need to provide hygienic sanitary facilities in locations with or without access to a sewage system. Such an object can be useful in all public places and events, for example:

  • at mass events
  • during sports competitions
  • in workplaces (as a company toilet)
  • in places frequented by tourists (e.g. at popular tourist attractions or near historical buildings)
  • on campgrounds
  • on campsites
  • at container hotels
  • at trade fairs and conventions
  • on construction sites

Of course, the facility can be connected to the existing sewage system, but if it is impossible to do so, the waste will be disposed into a special tank. So, the sanitary container with a tank can be used literally everywhere, even in non-urbanized and hard-to-reach places. This feature significantly increases the usefulness of this object.

VIP Men's and Women's Sanitary Container - Advantages

The biggest advantages of the VIP men’s and women’s containers are:

  • universality
  • mobility
  • the possibility to combine it with other containers
  • wide range of additional fittings, providing superior comfort
  • fast production and low price

The biggest advantage of the VIP sanitary container is its universality. The mobile toilet can be used in virtually any conditions. It is due to the fact that the container can be connected to the external tank, but not only that. The VIP sanitary containers are made of durable materials using state-of-the-art technological processes. As a result, they can operate in difficult conditions, and placing the container on an uneven ground is also not a problem.

Containers are not permanently attached to the ground, so they can be easily moved from one place to another. As a modular object, it can be a part of a larger structure. It is also conveniently equipped and provides all users with comfortable conditions.

Dimensions of the Sanitary Container

The standard dimensions of the men’s and women’s sanitary container are 2435×6055 mm. It is sufficient to provide comfort and safe conditions inside. However, as a producer we are able to make a container of non-standard dimensions. If you need to have a larger sanitary facility, we can design and manufacture a container that will be fully customized to your individual expectations.

VIP Sanitary Container for Men and Women - Fixtures & Fittings

VIP men’s and women’s sanitary container in standard version is well-equipped with following items:

  • two 2 kW convector heaters with thermostat
  • necessary access points for the electrical system and water and sewage system
  • four toilet bowls
  • four urinals
  • four washbasins

The sanitary amenities have been divided into two independent parts, according to the needs of the users. In the women’s section there are three toilet bowls (each in a discreet cabin to ensure privacy) and two washbasins. The men’s section consists of one cabin with a toilet bowl, four urinals and two washbasins. As a result, the men’s and women’s containers can provide exceptionally comfortable and hygienic conditions for people using both the women’s section and the men’s part.