Office Container - Room

Office container – room – is one of the most functional mobile objects, intended for entrepreneurs. Thanks to its spacious interior, well-thought-out solutions and the possibility to install various elements of equipment, this type of object can be used in many different ways. In addition, it has all the advantages of traditional containers, including mobility, low price and fast delivery time. Modular office space container is a response to the needs of modern entrepreneurs, who expect this type of facilities to be highly functional.

Office container is used wherever there is a need to organize a mobile office and administrative facilities. However, it is important to remember that room type objects are more functional, so the extent of their uses is significantly greater than that of a standard office container.

Office Container - Room: Functionality Comes First

Modular containers are designed in such a way that they can be easily combined with other objects of this type. Office container – room perfectly fits this trend. Thanks to well-thought-out construction, you can create container sets in no time, consisting of objects of different purposes. The room can be connected to sanitary, social, commercial containers and any other modular container in our offer. The room container can be also used as a completely separate object. It all depends on individual needs and expectations of our clients.

Office Container - Room: Usage

As the name suggests, the room container has been created for office and administrative purposes. However, it should be clearly emphasized that due to the substantial internal space, it can be used for much more than typical administrative work. A functional container facility can fulfill training, educational, recreational and even entertainment purposes. Such an object is perfect as:

  • conference room – thanks to its large space, the room container is ideal for holding conferences;
  • training room – a large space is suitable for coaching sessions;
  • classroom – a container can be easily arranged as a classroom for a small group of children, teenagers or adults;
  • playroom for children – its large space can be used as a playroom
  • gymnasium – a room container can be used as an aerobics facility;
  • gym, or a room with workout equipment – inside the container you can easily fit stationary bicycles, atlases and many other devices;
  • dance room – the functionality of this container allows you to adapt its interior to the requirements of the room where dance lessons are held;
  • a room for birthday parties, e.g. for the eighteenth birthday party – the container is perfect for hosting private birthday parties.

One container, many different functions – the room is definitely one of the most functional objects in our offer. The above listed uses are just a few from a long list of examples. This useful container can be easily adapted to serve virtually any purpose. Thanks to its durable construction, we can assure you that it will easily handle the hardships of even the most challenging tasks.

Dimensions of the Office Container - Room

The room container is 605 cm long. The width of such an object is 244 cm, and the height – 280 cm.

Dimensions of the container:

  • length – 6058 mm
  • width – 2440 or 2990 mm
  • height – 2800 mm

Equipment of the Office Container - Room

The list of standard equipment elements for the room type office container includes the following:

  • efficient ventilation system
  • cashier window equipped with an external blind
  • electrical installation (400 V, 32 A) with two sockets
  • 2 kW electric heating

This is enough to work comfortably. More demanding users can equip the room with air conditioning. This solution provides the highest thermal comfort, even on the hottest days. Additionally, on special request, we can equip the container with all necessary office furniture – desks, tables, pedestals, clothes and documents closets, waste garbage cans, clothes hangers, etc. A facility equipped like this lets you start working right after it is installed in the location chosen by the client.

Please feel free to contact the G-CON customer service department. Our consultants will gladly answer your questions, present all available options and help you personalize the container and adjust it to your expectations.