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The new combi sanitary container is a complex solution providing sanitary facilities. Just like every other sanitary container produced by our company, it is based on a solid steel construction. In comparison with office type containers, it weights more and its floor structure is more solid. It features full equipment including toilet bowls, showers, washbasins, urinals and water heaters. Due to its standard dimensions of 2435 x 6055 mm, it can contain all required equipment, making it a perfect sanitary facility.

For clients looking for customized solutions we may deliver containers based on frames of different size than the standard one.

Our company provides comprehensive services for the construction of combi containers according to specific requirements of clients – we advise, create projects based on the expectations of clients, manufacture and install the object at the chosen location. Every order for the container is carried out with the utmost commitment to provide all customers with perfect container facilities.

Combi Sanitary Containers - ADVANTAGES

  • solid workmanship
  • customization according to the needs of the client
  • modularity
  • solid construction
  • mobility
  • low price

Combi sanitary container is an object which comprehensively meets all clients’ requirements for sanitary facilities. Our products can be fully adapted to the needs of our clients. Therefore, we carefully listen to their expectations when designing new sanitary containers. A solid workmanship, wide range of equipment and accessories from various manufacturers, functionality and durability are the features that distinguish our containers on the market.

Combi container can be used independently or as a part of a larger whole (consisting of containers connected in rows or stacked on top of each other) which fulfill office, exhibition or commercial functions. Thanks to the excellent insulation properties of the used materials, such sanitary container can operate in any weather conditions. What is more, due to its solid construction it can be placed even on an uneven ground, which is very important especially when it comes to workers’ or construction containers.

Other advantages of this sanitary container are the price and the fact that it is possible to move it many times from one place to another. Its production cost is relatively low (in comparison with a building of similar dimensions and functions).

Combi Sanitary Container - USAGE

  • construction site
  • office complex made of containers
  • mass events
  • public places
  • campsites
  • sports fields
  • outdoor swimming pools

Sanitary containers of this type meet all expectations of users when it comes to complex sanitary facilities. It can be used as a sanitary facility at the construction site, road construction industry or a larger office complex composed of many containers. It can serve as a sanitary facility during mass events, in public places or on camping sites. It will also prove useful as a sanitary facility of sports objects – sports fields, swimming pools or football pitches.

Combi Sanitary Container - FIXTURES & FITTINGS

Even if you already have a social container, you will also need a well-equipped sanitary container. Therefore, the standard container we offer has all the necessary installations needed to perform sanitary services. It is connected to the following systems:

  • water
  • sewerage
  • energy

It is equipped with a lighting system consisting of two 2x36W lamps and a heating system (2kW heater). It is also possible to connect an air conditioning and ventilation system.

Sanitary Ware in the Combi Container

This type of toilet container with shower is also equipped with a sufficient number of sanitary ware. The combi container features:

  • 2 toilets
  • 2 urinals
  • 2 shower cabins
  • 4 washbasins
  • 200-litre water heater

The container has 3 independent entrances and 3 small windows providing access to daylight. Note that the installed equipment can come from different manufacturers, depending on the client’s requirements. This way you can obtain an interesting arrangement and design of the interior according to client’s preferences. As part of additional services, we also rent sewage tanks. This is a very practical solution, because such a tank for faeces for a container is used in all places where there is no possibility to connect the object to the sewer system. In addition, we also rent stairs to containers and provide their regular cleaning services.