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Sewage tank for sanitary container is a very functional and practical solution that will prove useful in places where there is no access to sewage system. In most cases, container buildings are of a temporary character – they serve users until their work is done and then the container is moved to another location. Therefore, it is not economically wise, and in many cases even impossible, to connect to a sewage system. In this situation, the tank for liquid waste is the perfect solution that allows you to create a fully functional sanitary facility which complies with regulations in force, wherever it is necessary.


To put it simply, a sewage tank is a septic tank for containers, where domestic waste from washbasins, showers and toilets is disposed. Septic tanks are made of heavy-duty plastic, in a way that completely eliminates the risk of sewage leaking outside. The plastic sewage tank retains not only the waste but also the unpleasant smell. Therefore, it does not cause any inconvenience to people staying in the vicinity of it.


G-CON septic tanks are the ideal solution in places where access to the sewer system is limited. Their full mobility and compatibility with our containers are a guarantee of long-term non-invasive use. Bearing in mind the needs of our clients, we have included the rental of septic tanks into our offer. This is the best available solution – the user pays only for the period when the septic tank is actually being used. It eliminates the need to incur significant costs of purchasing such element, as well as the expenses related to storage of the tank when it is not in use.

Sewage Tank - MOBILITY

Our tanks are equipped with special handles, so they can be moved with a crane or a forklift. It significantly increases their mobility and makes them easier to relocate if necessary. Solid workmanship and large capacity (9 m3) provide comfort for the user and reduce additional costs.

Sewage Tank - OPTIONS

The G-CON offer includes the following variants of sewage tanks:

  • 5 m3
  • 10 m3
  • 10 m3 with stairs

Each septic tank is fully compatible with all G-CON container facilities. The septic tank can be installed in residential containers, sanitary containers, office and exhibition containers equipped with sanitary facilities, and any other container with toilet and access to water system. The only thing left for you to do is to choose a septic tank for the container according to your individual needs.

Clients Ask Questions About the Sewage Tank


A sanitary unit should operate non-stop in order to ensure the continuity of work. If you want to achieve such an effect, it is necessary to choose the right septic tank. The crucial thing to consider is its capacity, as the size of the tank determines how frequently it will have to be emptied.

The capacity of the septic tank should be adjusted to the number of people who will use the sanitary facility, as well as to the type of the the hook-up – will it be only a tank for faeces, or also for the water coming from the shower stalls?

Septic tank 10000 l (10 m3) has quite a big potential in terms of waste collection.

Wondering whether the leak-proof sewage tank 10 m3 will meet your needs? We provide professional advice. Our experts are ready to answer any of your questions and help you choose the right product, which satisfy all your expectations.