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The demand for portable construction objects is constantly growing – their main advantage is a relatively low price and mobility, as well as flexibility in terms of their equipment and functionality. A mobile security guards’ booth is a perfect example of how containers can be used. This small structure (2435 x 2990 mm) is perfect for locations where a separate space is needed for people guarding the area. Thanks to its small size, the security office container can be placed even on small sites.

G-CON company specializes in the production of various portable structures. We also manufacture security guard containers. We build them according to the individual expectations of our clients. We offer a comprehensive implementation including the design, construction and final installation of the object in the place chosen by the client. You can always count on our professional consulting services to adjust the functionality of the security guard container to your expectations.

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A Security Guard Container - ADVANTAGES

  • The container for security guards is a small portable structure, which can be installed in any place indicated by the client.
  • Thanks to its size, the container can be installed even on a small area.
  • What is more, the structure of the object is solid and durable, and can be set on uneven terrain.
  • Light weight is also an important feature – security office containers are light, so there are no special requirements regarding the soil.
  • Low price in comparison with standard building of similar size and functionality.
  • The security guard container has standard size, so it can be modularly combined with other containers.

Portable security guard container is a structure which can be situated in any place chosen by the client. Moreover, it can be moved as needed without damaging the structure of the security booth because security guard containers made of sandwich panels show above-average strength. Price is another undeniable advantage of security guard containers – they generally cost less than building a guard booth with similar functionality and parameters. You should also remember that in the first year of using the object, the rate of depreciation is 30 percent, which further increases the economic viability of the purchase. What is more, the containers can be sold as second-hand guard booths when they are no longer needed, which also makes them more economically viable. Thanks to standard dimensions of the container, it can be used both as a separate building and as a part of a larger whole built from several containers. Also, it can be connected with other containers vertically and horizontally.

Mobile Security Guard Containers - USAGE

Security guard containers are popular facilities used in places requiring protection. They can be used on construction sites, as well as on access roads to business premises, restricted areas or other places that need to be constantly guarded. Thanks to the mobile character of the container, it is also useful in locations which require only temporary protection. Modular security booth provides all the amenities, so it can be used all year round, even in difficult conditions.

Security Guard Container - FITTING & EQUIPMENT

  • The security container consists of one room with one entrance.
  • Daylight is provided by two windows fitted with roller blinds.
  • Walls, ceiling and floor are properly insulated, so it can be used in any weather conditions.
  • In addition, as a manufacturer we can paint the outer walls any color from the RAL color palette.

The security booth requires connection to a 400V/32A power grid – an appropriate electric hook-up is one of the basic elements of the fitting. The object is equipped with one 2x36W lighting spot and 2kW electric heater. Additionally, on request, we can install air-conditioning and ICT systems in the security guard containers.

As part of additional fitting we can offer:

  • Set of office furniture, cabinets, beds, hangers, stairs.
  • We also produce security booths with toilet. Security guard container with toilet is a comprehensive solution that meets all the needs of the employee.

The elements listed above are adjusted to the expectations of each client. As a result, the portable security guard containers can be tailored to the individual needs of the customer.

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Clients ask questions about the security guard container

What is a security guard container?

A security booth, also called a gatehouse or a guardhouse, is a building (usually small) in which security guards carry out their duties. It is usually located at the entrance gate. It may be a permanent building, but given the changing needs of the companies, a security booth in a container could be a better choice.