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Cheap and solid steel storage containers from G-CON answer the needs of entrepreneurs who run businesses requiring both temporary and permanent storage. We would like to point out that the storage container is also a functional solution for home gardens – a solid, small storehouse works great as a shed for tools, firewood and other necessary items and accessories. As a manufacturer of modular structures, we sell storage containers of the highest quality, which are fully adapted to the needs and expectations of our clients.


A storage container is a great solution whenever you need a mobile storage facility. Such objects have been created primarily to store all kinds of cargo and materials. Thanks to their solid construction, they are resistant to any weather conditions, so G-CON storage containers can be kept both indoors and outdoors.

It is important that each storage container included in our offer was designed to meet the requirements of modular construction. In practice, this means that storage containers can be connected to each other in any way – horizontally and vertically. Thanks to that, the user may obtain virtually unlimited storage space, even in a relatively small area, but that is not all. The modular construction considerably improves the optimal use of available space. After all, we can combine them vertically if necessary.

Storage Containers - TYPES

  • Storage container is one of the most universal storage spaces, because it is suitable for storing virtually all groups of materials and goods. An aluminum storage container, built on a solid steel frame, can be also customized to meet the requirements of storing hazardous waste and flammable liquid.
  • The storage container with shelving helps to store and easily segregate materials and tools on construction site.
  • Refrigerated container (RF) can serve as a warehouse for foodstuffs and other goods that require maintaining low temperature.
  • On the other hand, a heated and insulated container is always useful when it is necessary to protect cargo from the influence of low temperatures, e.g. while shipped.

Thanks to reinforced floor and the possibility of stacking, we can easily adapt the storage containers even to the most unusual needs. Due to high quality of workmanship they can withstand the toughest weather conditions. The ability to adjust containers to individual requirements of clients increases their usefulness as well.

Storage Container - USAGE

  • solid construction
  • low price
  • modularity – you can connect containers with each other
  • you can use storage containers in transport
  • mobility – you can install the storage container anywhere you want and move it anytime you like
  • tailored to the client’s needs

Our storage containers can be used for temporary and permanent storage. They are ideal for keeping materials. Thanks to the fact that it is possible to combine storages, you can obtain space as big as you need. It can be used as a construction container, but also for other purposes. Mobile storehouse is a great option for entities involved in the transport sector and any other industry which has significant needs in terms of storing any kind of goods. Container storages can serve their users for many years thanks to the high quality construction and well-thought-out solutions.


All G-CON cargo and storage containers are ready for use immediately after installation on site. G-CON storage containers are equipped with handles for crane and forklift transport, increasing their mobility on construction sites as well as in customized projects.

The equipment that facilitates transport and the distance between corners and openings compliant with ISO standards for containers for sea, rail and road transport. These are the features that make the intermodal containers suitable not only for storage, but also for transport. We are confident that our products can easily withstand this type of use. Due to the very specific requirements, containers in sea transport have to be particularly resistant to humidity and salt, and G-CON container facilities can easily handle such conditions.

The well-thought-out design (with openable roof) simplifies loading with cranes and makes the containers suitable for both FCL (Full Container Load) and LCL (Less Container Load) transport.

Clients Ask Questions About the Storage Container


The standard dimensions of this object are 2435×6055 mm. However, transportation, especially by the sea, often requires us to use bigger units. The G-Con offer also includes high cube containers (with increased height) and FEU containers.

How much does such an object cost? The price depends on the size of the object and equipment preferences. Feel free to get in touch with the G-CON sales department. Our experts will be happy to answer your questions.

Is Purchasing a Storage Container profitable?

Modular storage containers work great as temporary storage facilities, but not only that. Many companies use these types of containers as permanent storehouses. This solution has many advantages. Price should be pointed out as one of the most important ones. Building a storehouse permanently attached to the ground is an expensive investment, and so is its further extension. When it comes to containers, the expenses are incomparably lower and it is much easier to extend the storage area in short time when needed.

Depreciation is also important. According to the existing regulations (Article 22i § 1 of the Personal Income Tax Act), depreciation charges are calculated in compliance with the rates detailed in the specification (Appendix no. 1 to the Act). As a fixed asset with an expected useful life of more than one year, a storage container is subject to depreciation charges. Therefore, according to the specification mentioned above, the object is classified as group 6, type 681 – Other technical equipment. In practice, this means that such containers are subject to a depreciation rate of 18%.