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Standard Office Container

Modular office container is an ideal solution for investors who want to create a fully functional office facilities for their company, requiring minimum effort and at the same time significantly reducing the cost of such investment. The office container is very comfortable, and because of its scalable character, it can be expanded with new elements at any time, thus creating a very useful office, commercial and sanitary complex.

Standard Office Container - ADVANTAGES

  • solid construction
  • highest quality of workmanship
  • modular design – possibility to combine containers
  • fast production
  • full customization of equipment
  • possibility to install containers at any location
  • possibility to relocate containers

Our containers are built with a solid frame construction and the highest quality of workmanship. Their great advantage is flexibility in terms of functionality and the possibility to create large spaces (as a result of combining or stacking them). Low cost of construction in comparison to buildings permanently attached to the ground and relatively short delivery time are also their assets.

You can also decide on how the container will look like. There are many options considering, for example, glass walls, arrangement and number of windows and doors, as well as insulation and color of external elevation. The interior design of office containers is also versatile. Within such modular structure you can create an open office space, but also divide it with partition walls if necessary.

Office containers can be placed even on the uneven ground. What is more, these are fully mobile objects that can be moved around and used multiple times, which makes the process of their potential resale much easier. Thanks to the mobile nature of the object, it can be transported from place to place like an office on wheels. This means that if the profile of the company forces frequent change of location, the standard container can be easily transported to another place.

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Standard Office Container - USAGE

Standard office containers can be used in many different ways. They can be used as:

  • office spaces
  • schools
  • kindergartens
  • professional construction camp
  • stores
  • showrooms
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Office Containers - FIXTURES & FITTINGS

Containers are customized to the needs of the users. Each object is built on the basis of the project created in accordance with the customer’s wishes, starting with external elements such as windows, doors, glass panels, external blinds and ending with internal equipment and installation of systems required by the client.

Each standard office container is equipped with:

  • electric hook-up (400V/32A)
  • lighting (2x36W)
  • electric heater

Additionally, if requested by the client, the container can be equipped with:

  • air conditioning system
  • ventilation system
  • ICT systems

Moreover, standard containers can be fitted with furniture tailored to the client’s needs. The furnishing can include: chairs, desks, tables, cabinets, hangers, benches, etc. In addition to the office space, the construction of the office container is also designed to accommodate basic sanitary facilities. Office container with a toilet is a very useful solution which works well on everyday basis in any workplace.

Clients Ask Questions About Standard Office Containers


Modern office containers are built with highly advanced materials which significantly reduce the weight of the final product and at the same time provide it with above-average durability. However, it is impossible to indicate the exact weight of such an object. You should remember that an office container can be made in non-standard dimensions. It is also possible to personalize the object’s interior and equipment. Therefore, the final weight of the container can be determined only after learning all the requirements and expectations of the client. Feel free to contact the G-CON sales department. Our advisors can answer all your questions, help you choose a suitable type of office container and select the right equipment. When all of these are specified, we will be able to determine the weight of the final object.


The classification of container objects is regulated by the provisions of the Construction Law. According to this Act, the term „building” refers, among others, to a situation when an object is permanently attached to the ground. In most cases, this does not apply to containers. In practice it means that modular office containers cannot be qualified as buildings, but as temporary buildings. What does all this mean for the owner? The use of such a facility involves much less paperwork and does not result in a tax liability typical of permanent structures.


The price of an office container depends on the size of the object, standard of its finishing and equipment. Our company offers both exclusive office containers and simpler, cheap objects designed for less demanding clients. Please feel free to contact the G-CON sales department. Our consultants will present you with the available options for finishing and equipment. We will be able to provide a price for the facility after specifying the client’s expectations.

Even with all the possible options available on the market, an office made of containers is still much cheaper than a permanent building of a similar size and standard. In economic terms, it is therefore a much better choice.