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G-CON Sp. z o.o. is a company specializing in the production of containers. We provide comprehensive services related to the design, manufacture and installation of containers. Our offer includes both office and sanitary containers. The objects we produce can serve as office, exhibition, commercial or sanitary facilities. Moreover, we also manufacture security guard, storage and refrigerated containers.

Thanks to the standardized dimensions of our containers they can be easily connected to each other both vertically and horizontally. As a result, we create not only single containers but also objects of large surfaces formed by the combination of individual structural elements. Their main advantage is that you can arrange buildings of any shape and size with them. High quality finishing and the right choice of equipment according to clients’ expectations are very important for us.

We provide a variety of proved solutions tailored to the needs of our clients. An experienced team of engineers and employees, who carry out orders based on the needs of clients, is our greatest strength.


Experienced and qualified team of engineers and employees, who provide comprehensive customer service from the design phase, through the production, up to the final installation of the container at the location chosen by the client, creates our unique and well-functioning staff.

We pay extra attention to the quality of manufactured containers. We take proper care of every detail of the production process. Thanks to years of experience we have created our own original frame construction. Our qualified and certified welders guarantee the quality of every detail.

However, we are aware that partnership plays an equally important role in business relations, which is why each of our clients is always treated in a very special way.

Sample containers offered by G-Con

We offer standard, office and studio containers perfect for offices, shops or showrooms

We offer women-and-men sanitary containers, shower containers, sanitary containers with a kitchen, as well as combi and small combi containers

The gatehouse is a small container designed for the needs of security companies or companies providing surveillance services

Created by combining a larger number of containers, offering a large area for the needs of various economy sectors


We focus on fulfilling orders that are truly customized to the needs of our clients. Therefore, we not only produce, but also adjust and install containers for various purposes. We are ready to carry out non-standard orders or install objects in locations where it is impossible to deliver a complete container. Thanks to our experience we can meet the requirements of mass events organizers, institutions (including military), or individual clients. Due to unlimited number of possible configurations, full commitment and the amount of completed tasks, we are ready to fulfill your non-standard wishes concerning the construction of modular container facilities.

We are flexible in terms of your expectations related to modular container facilities. Our product offer is being constantly improved and expanded.

We also build large-size objects made with the use of modular technology. You can always count on our professional advice, which will help you create fully customized container facilities.

kontener prysznicowy 2

Our offer includes a wide range of modular containers. Those are:

  • standard containers
  • containers with sanitary facilities and kitchen
  • studio containers
  • men’s and women’s sanitary containers
  • shower containers
  • sanitary containers with kitchen
  • combi containers
  • small combi containers
  • security guard containers

We have an access to a wide range of interior design equipment, both in terms of office furniture and sanitary and kitchen appliances. As a result, we can arrange the space according to our clients’ needs.

You are welcome to check our offer. We are sure that our experience, commitment, understanding of clients’ needs and flexibility will meet your expectations regarding the design, construction and installation of containers of various types.

Feel free to contact us.