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The G-Con container with a kitchen and sanitary facilities is a very useful construction. It serves a complex sanitary function and provides basic social facilities. The gastronomy container is an extremely useful object which can be used in many different ways.

The interior is divided into 6 rooms: washroom and kitchen, hall, vestibule and two toilets. Thanks to such arrangement of space, the gastronomy container and its equipment fully meets the sanitary needs of users.

Such objects are made from the container measuring 2435×6055 mm, which is a high quality and solid construction. Thanks to that, this type of objects can be used in many ways. Due to its standard dimensions, the gastronomy container with toilet is arranged in a convenient way and at the same time it does not take too much space. We can also build containers of non-standard sizes. The container with kitchen can be used as an independent unit or as a part of a larger whole composed of a system of containers.

G-Con offer includes comprehensive production of sanitary containers with kitchens. Our employees and engineers will advise and help you choose the functions and equipment meeting your expectations. We handle orders starting from the design phase, through production, up to installation of containers at the selected location. Every order is dealt with individually in order to produce a container which satisfies all expectations of the client.

Gastronomy Container with Sanitary Facilities - ADVANTAGES

  • solid construction
  • low price
  • mobility of the container
  • 6 rooms: vestibule, hall, 2 toilets, washroom and kitchen
  • can be combined with other containers
  • can be fitted with heating and air conditioning

Sanitary containers built by our company are a guarantee of high quality and durability of the used materials and equipment. Kitchen container with sanitary facilities is ideal at places where the construction of a building serving sanitary functions is not possible or economically unjustified. Due to standardized dimensions, it can be connected with other containers vertically or in rows. It can also be used independently. It is possible to connect it to a sewage tank, which means that it can serve its purpose in any location. Thanks to its solid structure and hardened floor, it can be placed even on an uneven ground.

The kitchen container can be equipped with heating and air-conditioning systems, so it can be used all year round, even in the worst weather conditions. Even if it’s bitterly cold or really hot outside, a kitchen container will always remain comfortable.

Its obvious advantage is the price, which is generally lower than the cost of building a sanitary object of similar parameters. What is more, the kitchen container with sanitary facilities can be moved and used in various locations depending on your needs.

Kitchen Container with Sanitary Facilities - USAGE

The object can be used as a sanitary and social facility:

  • on a construction site
  • in the system of office or exhibition containers, or wherever expanded sanitary facilities may be needed
  • it will be a great addition to the offer of campsites and campgrounds, as a canteen or social container

It serves all basic functions of a kitchen and toilets.

That is not all. These functional gastronomy containers can be an integral part of any business run outdoors. For example, someone has a bar with a terrace, but wants to introduce fast food and hot snacks to the menu. In this situation, a container with kitchen and sanitary facilities would be a tailor-made solution. You do not need to build an extension if there is a much easier way to achieve your goal – the gastronomy container. Functional sanitary container with a kitchenette can bu used right after being delivered to the site.

Gastronomy Container with a Kitchenette - FIXTURES & FITTINGS

The container is a fully equipped unit, ready to serve its purposes right away. It has:

  • electric hook-up of 400V/32A power supply, which provides access to electricity, lighting and heating
  • three 2x35W lamps
  • one 2 kW heater
  • two 1kW heaters
  • It is also fitted with a hook-up to the water and sewage system.
  • Additionally, the client can choose to install an air conditioning and ventilation system.

Three small windows provide daylight. The interior is divided into 6 rooms (vestibule, hall, two toilets, a washroom and a kitchen), which are equipped with:

  • 2 toilet bowls
  • 2 washbasins
  • urinal
  • stove
  • sink

Such kitchen in container meets all sanitary needs of its users.

Our additional services include rental of tanks for sewage and water, which are used when the container cannot be connected to the water and sewage system. We also rent stairs and offer regular cleaning service of the containers.