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The G-Con offers you a portable sanitary container with a shower. It is produced on solid steel construction which ensures stability and durability of the container. Standard dimensions of the object (2435×6055 mm) provide space for several showers and washbasins. If requested by the client, we can also produce containers in different sizes than the standard ones.

Our company specializes in the comprehensive production of sanitary containers. A team of experienced specialists is ready to produce such objects. Their work starts with the design, then they supervise the construction process, and at the end they make sure that the container is properly installed at the site chosen by the client. You can also rely on our professional consulting services – we can help you choose the right container and its equipment based on your expectations.

Sanitary Container with Shower - Advantages of the Shower Container

  • 5 shower cabins and 5 washbasins
  • water heater
  • solid construction
  • modularity – possibility to connect containers with each other
  • low price
  • fast production
  • customized appearance and equipment
  • installation in any location chosen by the client

We produce the highest quality containers with solid frame constructions. One of their main advantages is their functional flexibility and the fact that you can create a large space without limits within the container (as a result of connecting or stacking them). Low cost of construction in comparison to buildings permanently attached to the ground and relatively fast delivery time are also their assets.

You can also decide on how the container will look like. There are many options considering, for example, glass walls, arrangement and number of windows and doors, as well as insulation and color of external elevation. The interior design of office containers is also versatile. Within such modular structure you can create an open office space, but also divide it with partition walls if necessary.

Containers can be placed even on the uneven ground. What is more, such objects can be moved around and used multiple times, which makes the process of their potential resale much easier.

Sanitary Container with Shower - USAGE

Bathroom container can be used in any kind of places, where a large number of bathing facilities are needed. It works perfectly:

  • on campsites or campgrounds
  • as part of a sanitary system on construction sites

The portable shower cabin can be one of the elements of the sanitary system at large sports complexes – football fields, municipal swimming pools, etc.

Sanitary Container with Shower - FIXTURES & FITTINGS

This type of facility needs to be connected to the water and sewage system and electricity. It is also possible to install an air conditioning and ventilation system. Lighting is provided by two 2x36W lamps. The facility is heated by one 2 kW electric heater. Two small windows provide daylight.

Space inside the container is designed for:

  • 5 shower cabins.
  • 5 washbasins.
  • Additionally, the interior is fitted with 5 mirrors and a soap dispenser.
  • Hot water is provided by a 400-litre water heater.

If needed, we can easily design and build a larger facility that can fit extra stalls. As part of our additional services we provide:

  • septic tank rental
  • water tank rental
  • stairs rental
  • regular cleaning service

Septic tank and water tank for container are elements which significantly increase functionality of mobile bathroom. Thanks to this solution, the object can be operated as an independent sanitary facility even in extremely difficult conditions, i.e. in places where there is no access to sewage and water supply systems. It is very important considering the fact that such problem occurs on many construction sites.

Clients Ask Questions About the Sanitary Container with Shower


Sanitary container facilities have many advantages. The most important ones include:

  • solid workmanship – the shower container has an extremely durable construction. This is due to the state-of-the-art technological process in which the bathroom container is manufactured, as well as solid materials of the highest quality;
  • flexibility – a bathroom container is a scalable design. This means that if necessary, it can be expanded to include more shower stalls;
  • mobile character – bathroom containers are not permanently attached to the ground. So whenever necessary, they can be transported to any place you want. This will be particularly appreciated by those clients who, due to the character of their businesses, have to change their location frequently. This feature also allows you to find a new buyer for the container with a bathroom right after you are done using it;
  • comfortable equipment – a shower container can include everything that is necessary in a modern, comfortable and functional bathroom. The design can be fully customized to the expectations of the client, which makes the shower container a tailor-made solution;