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Modular container houses are a solution that has gained great popularity in recent years. It’s not surprising. Investors appreciate modern technology, durability of this type of buildings, their remarkable design, incredibly fast realization time of the investment and the price, which is very competitive in relation to building objects permanently attached to the ground. Experts have no doubts that such solutions will play an increasingly important role in the residential and leisure construction market.

Modular Houses for Everyone

  • modular year-round house
  • container summer house
  • modular hotels

Thanks to the use of modern materials we can adapt our houses to the needs and requirements of every client. It is possible to combine modules in order to customize their size, creating not only summer houses but also the whole housing estates. With a wide range of finishing options, everyone will find a satisfying solution.

The facilities offered by G-Con are perfect as modular summer houses. You do not have to spend a lot of money to enjoy your own private place in picturesque surroundings. Due to the attractive price of modular constructions, they have become an interesting alternative to permanent buildings, as such investments consume much more time and financial resources.

Therefore, container summer house is a product designed not only for private investors, but also for companies specializing in tourism and recreation, as well as for developers. Modular construction gives us many opportunities which simply cannot be underestimated. If we add to it a high standard of finishing and above-average durability of container objects, we get a solution close to ideal.

Modular Houses for Investors

Our modern factory can produce up to 40 modular houses per month, which is perfect for investors. With G-CON modular homes, you can increase the number of beds in your campsite or guesthouse, or create a new recreational area in just a few weeks. Such a short delivery time enables entrepreneurs to achieve their business goals and meet their clients’ needs very quickly, and these are not all the benefits of modular construction.

Ready-made Modular Houses - FAST PRODUCTION

We are aware of what the market’s needs are and that is why we have developed modern solutions to speed up the prefabrication process. We do our best in our production plant in Tarnobrzeg to keep the highest quality of production process and to shorten it as much as possible. Thanks to that, you can create your dream campsite in just a few weeks. What is more, we work in a comprehensive way – our offer also includes office and sanitary infrastructure.

Modular Houses - Advantages

  • fast production time – modular house can be ready even in 2 weeks
  • low price
  • possibility to choose between summer and year-round house
  • high standard of finishing
  • modern structure
  • possibility of installing air conditioning and heating in the container

Modular construction is one of the fastest growing methods of building in the world. Thanks to solutions provided by G-Con you can start enjoying your house even in 2 weeks!

Summer house containers are one of the cheapest ways to have your own recreational facility. However, we would like to emphasize that a modular house can be used not only as a seasonal facility. Heated containers are built with state-of-the-art materials that provide excellent insulation. Combined with the high standard of finishing, container facilities can be used all year round without any problems. As a result, insulated containers are an interesting proposition for people who dream of having their own house, but don’t want it to cost a lot of money.

It doesn’t matter if you need a facility for temporary or year-round use. Ventilated containers work well in any conditions. They are unaffected by harsh winters – thanks to their modern structure and efficient heating system, the temperature inside a modular house is always right. What’s more, such facility can be equipped with air conditioning system that provides maximum comfort even on the hottest days.

Clients Ask Questions About Modular Houses


Prices of modular houses vary, depending on the finishing standard. All-year-round modular houses are the most expensive due to the use of advanced materials ensuring proper level of thermal insulation. Regardless of the final investment cost, this type of houses are still much cheaper than traditional construction objects which are permanently attached to the ground.


There is a lot of information spreading on the web about alleged low durability of modular houses. We want to emphasize that these are only misleading myths. Thanks to the use of modern materials of the highest quality, ready-made G-CON modular houses are extremely durable. Frame is the core of such an object. As a manufacturer of modular houses, we do not rely on ready-made solutions. The frame made of high quality steel is our original design, and it is our trademark on the modular house market. We guarantee that our year-round container houses can be used for many years in difficult conditions of Polish climate. It should be noted that when we mention 'many years’, it means use for several generations.


Yes. Container houses provide the same level of comfort as that experienced by owners of buildings permanently attached to the ground. Also, this type of structures are incomparably cheaper, and the time needed to complete the investment is much shorter – you can move into a modular house in just two weeks from the moment the investment begins! What is more, an investor who will decide to buy a residential container can enjoy the freedom which traditional house cannot provide – this type of objects can be easily transported, so moving it to another location is not a problem at all. Modern design is also important. Cheap modular houses look much more attractive, which is due to well-thought-out design and use of modern finishing materials.


The only thing the investor has to do is to choose a specific model of the house and its finishing standard. We will take care of the rest. Objects are built in our production plant in Tarnobrzeg, where we use the newest technologies. We do everything to be able to create a modern, durable object in the shortest possible time. The next step is transportation of the house to the site chosen by the buyer and installation of the object. What is very important, if the requirements specified by the law are met, the container houses do not need a building permit, so the administrative formalities on the side of the house user are reduced to an absolute minimum.


Year-round residential containers have no special requirements with regard to the land on which they are going to be placed, both in operational and legal terms. It is important that the investment does not violate the regulations of the Construction Law. Among other things, such an object cannot affect neighboring objects, so it is necessary to maintain the required distances from the boundary.