G-CON Small Combi Sanitary Container - Small Sanitary Container for Construction Sites and Other Places

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The small combi sanitary container is a smaller version of the combi container. It is intended to provide comprehensive sanitation services. Due to its small dimensions of 2435×2990 mm it takes up less space and thus can be installed almost everywhere. It is made on the basis of a steel construction. Thanks to high quality insulation, it can effectively fulfill its purpose at any time of the year, creating comfortable and functional space for employees.

Our company provides comprehensive services related to the construction of small combi containers. We advise, design, build and install the completed facility at the location indicated by the client. Thanks to our experience and dedication to every stage of the production process, we were able to create the best small sanitary container on the market, which can serve as a social and sanitary facility.


  • small size
  • full functionality of the sanitary container
  • compatibility with other containers
  • low price
  • mobility of the container
  • 2 rooms: shower and toilet

A combination of full functionality in terms of sanitary safety and small size is an undeniable advantage of the small combi container. As a result, it can be used in places which do not provide enough space to install standard facility of this type. What is more, it can be combined with other types of containers both in series and stacked, and become their sanitary facilities.

Customers appreciate this solution for relatively low cost of purchase and the ability to move it multiple times from place to place. Moreover, the container can be placed even on uneven ground.

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Small Sanitary Container - SMALL COMBI CONTAINER USAGE

The small combi sanitary container can be used in many different places. It can serve as a sanitary facility of small sports objects such as:

  • sports field
  • football pitch
  • municipal swimming pool

It will also successfully fulfill its functions:

  • on a construction site
  • as a public utility building
  • at mass events
  • as a sanitary facility for small camping sites
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Small Combi Sanitary Containers - FIXTURES & FITTINGS

The object contains all the necessary elements needed to provide comprehensive sanitary facilities. It is equipped with:

  • a shower stall
  • toilet
  • urinal
  • two washbasins
  • boiler

A standard small combi container is equipped with a number of installations which enable it to perform its sanitary functions. There are connections to the following systems:

  • water
  • sewerage
  • energy

It is equipped with:

  • two 2x36W light sources
  • two electric heaters with the power of 1 kW.

It is divided into two rooms – a separate shower and toilet.

Small combi container can be additionally equipped with air conditioning and ventilation system. If the facility is located in a place with no access to the water and sewage system, you can rent a tank for fecal matter and a water tank with a pump. We also provide regular cleaning services of the facility.

Thanks to this equipment, the object can be used as a sanitary facility on construction sites as well as a sanitary and hygienic facility for mass events. Do not forget that the construction of the container enables connecting it with other objects of this type. It is possible to equip it with convenient amenities so it can be easily adapted as a sanitary facility of a scalable office, exhibition or commercial complex.

Clients Ask Questions About the Small Combi Sanitary Container

How much does a container cost?

Small containers are among the cheapest units in our offer. However, you should remember that each G-CON facility, including a small sanitary container, can be equipped individually according to your expectations. It affects the final cost of the project, so we cannot determine the final price unless we know what the client wants. However, even if you choose the most expensive option, a small sanitary, social or office container is still much cheaper than a permanent building. What is more, it can be easily connected with other containers to create a scalable object, its configuration can be changed and it can be resold whenever the needs of the company change, even if the client has special requirements regarding the comfort of the sanitary facility.