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What Are Sanitary Containers?

Sanitary container is a convenient solution in places where there is a need to provide a comprehensive sanitary facility in a short time, such as construction sites, mass events, and amusement parks.

Containers with sanitary facilities are temporary bathrooms or washrooms equipped with appropriate sanitation, i.e. washbasins, toilets and showers. They also feature full plumbing, water heaters, radiators, lighting and disabled facilities. If necessary, you can also install a container with a tank for faeces.

We have a wide range of containers with sanitary facilities in various configurations with standard dimensions of 2435 x 6055mm. What is more, as a producer we can create containers in non-standard sizes adjusted to our clients’ needs.

Sanitary containers - OFFER

a container divided into women’s and men’s parts, equipped with toilets, washbasins, and a urinal

sanitary container equipped with showers, washbasins and an electric water heater

a container that combines comprehensive sanitary functions with social facilities

full sanitary facilities, including toilets, urinals, showers, washbasins and a water heater

smaller and compact version of the combi container providing sanitary facilities

Sanitary Container - USAGE

  • construction sites
  • mass events
  • campsites
  • camps for children and teenagers
  • public places
  • outdoor swimming pools

Sanitary and hygienic facilities are a must for construction sites and mass events. Such facilities also have to be available at campsites and summer camps for young people. Even at children’s playgrounds and outdoor swimming pools or bathing areas there should be a place where visitors can take care of their physiological needs and refresh themselves.

Therefore, sanitary containers are perfect for all public objects located in the open air, although their use can be even broader depending on what facilities they provide.

Sanitary Container - Advantages

  • easy to install
  • low price
  • it can be connected to the sewage system or to the septic tanks
  • modular construction
  • standard dimensions
  • high quality construction

The advantages of sanitary containers include easy installation in a location selected by the client and also a low cost in comparison with the construction of a traditional building with sanitary facilities. These mobile objects can be installed in places with access to water supply and sewage system or at locations where it is impossible to connect them to the running water and sewage collection system. In such cases our company offers rental of water and sewage tanks. This way we can provide you with a sanitary container with a septic tank.

Sanitary containers can operate independently or be a part of a larger whole composed of other containers, such as office containers. It is possible due to the standardized dimensions of these objects. They can be used in any weather conditions thanks to the high quality construction, the best materials and a good insulation of walls, floor and ceiling.

Sanitary containers are built on a steel frame construction. It guarantees their durability and stability. As a result, they can be moved numerous times with no risk of damaging the structure.

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Arrangement of Sanitary Container

Sanitary containers can be designed according to clients’ needs. They can be divided into separate spaces for men and women, or have a separate toilet adapted for the disabled. They can also be equipped with additional facilities such as ventilation and air conditioning.

Each standard sanitary container has a hook-up system to the power grid, water supply and sewage system. It has lighting, heating and if containers have showers, they are also equipped with electric water heater. The sanitary containers are made of materials which makes it easy to keep them clean and safe.

Clients Ask Questions About the Sanitary Container

Do I Need a Building Permit to Install the Container?

Sanitary containers have a wide range of uses. Very often they are intended for construction sites, as such containers with premium sanitary facilities are usually handy for both construction and office workers. Whether we choose a small or large sanitary container for the site, a building permit is not necessary, provided that we treat it as a temporary structure.

So in order to fulfil the conditions of temporariness, our sanitary container must meet certain criteria. First of all, it should be intended for use for a predetermined period of time. The law in this case states that such sanitary containers should be dismantled or moved to another place within 120 days. So all you need to do is to move your social container with toilet or shower, or container toilets to a different part of your property. Also, the sanitary container must not be permanently attached to the ground, which is something important and rather obvious in this situation.