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Our company is a manufacturer of sanitary containers divided into male and female parts. These objects are equipped with sanitary facilities with two separate spaces, so that both men and women can use them without any problems. Our sanitary containers are made in standard sizes – 2435×6055 mm. Therefore, they can be used independently or as a part of a larger whole, such as a modular facility built from a number of different containers. For clients seeking unique solutions precisely tailored to their needs, we provide containers of non-standard dimensions, designed and created in accordance with your requirements.

G-Con offer includes comprehensive service. Our experienced team will be happy to advise you, design, manufacture and install the selected men’s and women’s sanitary container at the location of your choice. We will customize all the equipment according to your expectations, so that it can fully meet your needs. With our professional approach and openness to your suggestions and wishes, together we can create perfect and fully functional containers.

Men's and Women's Sanitary Container - ADVANTAGES

  • solid construction
  • modular design – possibility to connect the container with other containers
  • fast production time
  • low price
  • mobility

We produce the highest quality containers with solid frame structure. Thanks to it we are sure that each of our sanitary containers will be serving you in perfect condition for a long time. One of their main advantages is their functional flexibility and the fact that you can create a very large space within the container (as a result of connecting or stacking them). Low cost of construction and relatively fast delivery time are also their assets. The price of such an investment is very attractive in comparison to construction of buildings permanently attached to the ground.

You can also decide on how the container will look like. There are many options considering, for example, glass walls, arrangement and number of windows and doors, as well as insulation and color of external elevation. The interior design of office containers is also versatile. Within such modular structure you can create an open office space, but also divide it with partition walls if necessary.

Containers have great amortization and they can be placed even on the uneven ground. What is more, these are fully mobile objects that can be moved around and used multiple times, which makes the process of their potential resale much easier.

Men's and Women's Sanitary Container - USAGE

This type of containers will work well in all kinds of places where it is necessary to build an object providing basic sanitary facilities. It can be used:

  • at mass events
  • on major construction sites
  • as a public facility
  • such sanitary container with toilet and septic tank will also work well on campsites
  • big parking lots
  • at sports facilities

So basically, any place that is visited by a number of people at the same time.

Men's and Women's Sanitary Container - FIXTURES & FITTINGS

The container is equipped with all necessary plumbing and electrical installations. Lighting is provided by two 2x36W lamps. The object is heated by a 2kW radiator. Additionally, the container can be fitted with air conditioning and ventilation systems.

In terms of sanitary facilities, the men’s and women’s container with or without septic tank is divided into two parts with separate entrances, in which there are a total of:

  • 4 toilet bowls
  • 3 urinals
  • 3 washbasins

Four small windows provide natural light inside the container.

Also, if the containers are going to be located in places without access to water and sewage system, we can offer rental of tanks for water and sewage. We also rent the stairs and offer regular cleaning service.